Scaper's Soil

Aktiver Bodengrund für Süßwasser-Aquarien

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Active substrate for freshwater aquaria

  • Nutrient supply and substrate in one
  • Contains all essential minerals and trace elements
  • With fertile volcanic soil ( Andosol )
  • With a Bio-filter function for healthy clear water
  • Actively creates soft, slightly acidic water

Scaper's Soil is an active substrate specially developed for aquariums. It creates a slightly acidic, soft water that most animals and plants from tropical areas love. Scaper's Soil is ideal for planted aquariums, especially aquascaping, and shrimp aquaria. Scaper's Soil is made from 100% natural raw materials. Made from a variety of carefully selected natural soils, it provides all the vital minerals and trace elements that aquarium plants need on a daily basis. The irregularly shaped grains with a diameter of 1 to 4 mm make the soil look particularly natural. Its loose structure allows optimal soil aeration, plant roots can grow in well. Scaper's Soil provides the perfect basis for healthy, vigorous plant growth and magnificent colors. Mosses also benefit from it and show it through compact growth and lush green leaves. The deep black coloration creates an intense, vivid contrast to the bright green of the plants. Scaper's Soil effectively prevents annoying algae growth for 3 reasons: Through the special nutrient formula – so the nutrients primarily benefit the plants, but not the algae. Through the nutrient buffer function: like a battery, excess nutrients are absorbed from the free water and only released back to the plants when needed. Through the powerful promotion of plant growth – because well growing aquatic plants are the strongest opponents of algae. Scaper's Soil has active ion exchange properties. Thus it lowers the pH value and stabilizes it in the slightly acidic range (approx. pH 6.0 – 6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness – depending on the source water to up to almost 0 °d KH – and thus makes the water significantly softer. It also serves as a natural source of valuable humic and fulvic acids without coloring the water. In this way, Scaper's Soil creates water values that numerous tropical aquarium plants and fish are accustomed to from their natural habitats. Soft, slightly acidic water, for example, is ideal for most South American ornamental fish such as neon tetras, angelfish or discus. Scaper's Soil, despite the soft water, is also safe to use in combination with CO2 fertilization, as the pH value is stabilized by the Soil. Scaper's Soil provides crystal clear water and healthy living conditions. The porous surface provides the ideal substrate for the settlement of important cleaning bacteria. Thus, the entire substrate becomes a giant bio-filter. It thus creates optimal conditions for effective, biological self-purification and thus for the best water quality. At the same time, the Soil binds numerous pollutants directly from the water. The granules are double-fired and therefore water-stable even in the long term.

ALSO FOR SHRIMPS Its pH and KH lowering properties as well as its excellent filtration performance make Scaper's Soil the optimal substrate for keeping and breeding shrimp species that require soft, slightly acidic water, such as Crystal Red and Red Bee. Scaper's Soil is due to the long-term stable grains excellent to use in combination with bottom filters, as they are often used for shrimp keeping. The water is thereby adjusted even faster to the ideal values and the filter performance is increased. Due to its loose but stable structure, the substrate is optimally supplied with oxygen, so that no foci of decay can form. Its highly porous surface forms an excellent settlement substrate for important microorganisms, which especially baby shrimps need for their development. The color and pattern of the shrimps show up excellently on Scaper's Soil. Especially white, red or yellow shrimp literally shine against the deep black background.

Info about Andosol:

Scaper's Soil has a particularly growth-promoting effect due to its content of natural Andosol. The term is composed of the Japanese an do, which means "black soil", and the Latin sol for "soil". Andosols develop preferably in mountainous, rainy regions on the basis of mineral-rich volcanic ashes. The soils are characterized by a dark brown to pitch-black color. They are particularly rich in vital nutrients, minerals and trace elements. At the same time, they have a high content of valuable humic and fulvic acids. Andosol soils are therefore extremely fertile and highly valued agriculturally.