Deponit-Mix Professional 10in1

Multimineral nutrient substrate for freshwater aquaria

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Multimineral nutrient substrate for freshwater aquaria

  • Long-term nutrient supply for at least 8 years
  • With all essential nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • Activator pearls for increased substrate fertility
  • With live humus bacteria
  • For healthy, strong plant growth

Building on its extensive knowledge of the natural habitats of the most popular aquatic plants, Dennerle has developed a humus-rich long-term mineral nutrient soil especially for aquariums. The plant is optimally supplied with all the nutrients it needs via the strong, widely branched rootstock. This allows the care of even sensitive species that are rather difficult to keep in the aquarium. Of course, Deponit-Mix does not contain any additional phosphates and nitrates – nutrients that can promote algae in excessive concentrations – and it is covered by the aquarium gravel as the bottom layer.

Many years of practical experience show:

Deponit-Mix effectively prevents algae plagues. The combination of depot nutrients, trace elements and clay minerals, which regulate the nutrient balance, always gives the aquatic plant roots the right amount of nutrients. Humic-rich natural peat slightly acidifies the soil and makes plant nutrients more available. Clay minerals, humus substances and soil bacteria are already active in the slightly moistened deponite mix. The bacteria are supplied with oxygen through the two holes in the lid. Also unique are the white activator beads, which provide full microorganism power right at the start like a bacterial filling station.

Depending on the plant population, lighting and other fertilization, aquariums with DeponitMix can last up to 10 years.