Crystal quartz gravel slate gray

Crystal quartz gravel for freshwater aquariums

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Crystal quartz gravel for freshwater aquariums

  • Natural look
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Protection for bottom dwelling fish due to rounded edges ( grain size 1 – 2 mm )
  • Light-resistant
  • CO2 resistant and hardness-neutral

Dennerle quartz gravel is a classic in the range – for many decades one of the best gravels you can use in your aquarium. The excellent appearance and perfect biological function of the gravel, which does not harden the water, are probably unique in this combination. It is lightfast and CO2 resistant, can be used again and again, and retains its color even after years. Due to the iron oxide coloring, the quartz gravel is water neutral and guaranteed free of pollutants. The grain size of 1 – 2 mm suits bottom-dwelling fish and reduces the risk of dirt in the gaps. The fine quartz gravel is also very suitable for plants with fine roots. The use of rounded grains greatly reduces the risk of aquarium animals injuring themselves. The very small gaps that nevertheless exist provide a perfect settlement area for important bacteria. Dennerle quartz gravel does not need to be pre-washed (except for the color natural white).