Nano Heater Constant

100% electronic adjustable heater for aquaria

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100% electronic adjustable heater for aquaria

  • Fully electronic control heater for fresh- and saltwater aquaria
  • Temperes the water to 25 °C | 77 °F
  • Ultra-compact design - ideal for nano aquaria
  • Break resistant plastic housing
  • Safe due to electronic overheating protection

Thanks to the flat and compact design, the heaters can be optimally hidden in the aquarium and are therefore ideal for Nano aquaria. The housings are made of non-breakable special plastic. The temperature is fixed at 25 °C | 77 °F – ideal for most aquarium inhabitants originating from tropical regions, including fighting fish (Betta splendens). Due to the high control accuracy, the water temperature remains constant and protects all aquarium inhabitants from adverse temperature fluctuations. The wide, flat heating element emits the heat gently and over a large area.

Technical data
  • Voltage / Frequency : 220 – 240 V – 50 Hz 
  • Power cord length: 1,42 m
  • Precision: ca. +/- 1 °C