Plant System V30

Full fertilizer for large, demanding plant aquariums

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Complete fertilizer for large, demanding plant aquaria

  • Complete fertilizer for large and heavily planted aquaria with good growing conditions
  • With all important nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • For splendid plants and intensely bright colors
  • Immediate and long-term effect due to multiple stabilized nutrients
  • High reach due to highly concentrated active ingredients
  • Optimized effect of the Plant System in combination with V30 and E15

As the size of the aquarium increases, so does the quantity and size of the plants. For this reason we have developed our plant system, a system with highly concentrated components. The components of Plant System V30 (complete fertilizer), Plant System S7 (vital substances) and Plant System E15 (iron fertilizer) are therefore developed to meet the needs of large aquaria. All macro- and micronutrients as well as trace elements are covered. Plant System V30 combats nutrient deficiencies, strengthens plants from within and helps to counter stagnant growth. Highly-effective protective shells – so-called chelates – mean that the nutrients stay available to plants for a long time. Deficiency symptoms are eradicated on a lasting basis, new leaves display a rich green coloring again. Phosphate- and nitrate-free.