Plant System S7

Vital substances for large, demanding plant aquariums

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Vital substances for large, demanding plant aquaria

  • Micronutrients for large and heavily planted aquaria
  • With all vital trace elements and vital substances
  • For healthy, balanced growth
  • Adds quickly consumed nutrients and strength-building substances
  • High reach due to highly concentrated active ingredients
  • Optimized effect of the Plant System in combination with V30 and E15

As the size of the aquarium increases, so does the quantity and size of the plants. For this reason we have developed our plant system, a system with highly concentrated components. The components of Plant System V30 (complete fertilizer), Plant System S7 (vital substances) and Plant System E15 (iron fertilizer) are therefore developed to meet the needs of large aquaria. All macro- and micronutrients as well as trace elements are covered. Vitamins, plant enzymes and other organic active substances are constantly formed anew in nature with the help of natural sunlight. These vital substances not only promote the health and colorfulness of the fish, but also the growth of the aquarium plants. Natural sources of vitamins are lacking in the aquarium. In addition, most vitamins are not stable for long or are quickly depleted. It is therefore all the more important to regularly supplement these vital substances. The multivitamin concentrate Plant System S7 supplies the plants with all necessary vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances needed in the short term. Vital micronutrients aquarium plants as well as aquarium fish and the filter microorganisms need numerous minerals, trace elements and other vital substances. These micro-nutrients are usually insufficiently present in tap water and should therefore be regularly supplied to the aquarium.