Nano Tank

White glass Panorama aquarium with rounded corners

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White glass Panorama aquarium with rounded corners

  • Panorama aquarium with rounded corners
  • High depth effect for a particularly natural aquarium design
  • A little piece of nature for your home
  • Ideal for plants, shrimps and snails

Modern and compact design combined with tradition and quality. This is what the Dennerle aquariums combine with the Nano Cubes and Nano Tanks. The compact design allows you to experience a piece of nature in your own home, even in a small space. A visual highlight for any room - this is due not least to the rounded corners, which provide a panoramic view of the aquarium. Influenced by the aquascaping scene, a completely new creation was born - the Dennerle Nano Tank. Special depth effect - that was the goal we set ourselves, which our Nano Tanks create through their proportions.

Größe Width Height Depth
35 liters 40 cm 28 cm 32 cm
55 liters 45 cm 34 cm 36 cm
70 liters 50 cm 36 cm 39 cm